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AGIR continues its search for partners!

To become a member or financial partner is a definitive way to help support AGIR in the pursuit of its mission. Many types of partnerships are suggested to organizations, businesses and to those individuals who are interested in contributing to the protection of the Devilís River and the promotion of a sustainable development plan for the Riverís drainage basin. Would you like to become more involved? Do you have questions and comments? Please contact us !


Membership and financial partners

Bronze member

Silver member

Gold member

Platinum member
Municipal sector
250 $
500 $ & more
1500$ & more
15 000 $ & more
Economic sector
150 $
500 $ & more
1500 $ & more
Communautary sector
100 $
200 $ & more
750 $ & more
Individual membership
20 $
50 $ & more
200 $ & more

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Bénéfices des adhérents

Regular AGIR member’s benefits

1- The right to vote at the general assemblies

2- Eligible to sit within the organization (i.e. the possibility to be elected as a member of either the administrative or consultive council)

3- Access to the information produced

How will your donated funds help AGIR?

1- To the development and to the diffusion of information and knowledge of the Devil’s River and its watershed.

2- To the coordination and support of a regional consultive council, that focuses on the management of the River’s water and its catch basin.

3- To the development of a water management master plan.

4- To the development of communication tools that will help increase public awareness of the need for water management, and the realization of concrete projects that will target the protection of the Devil’s River watershed.



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