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An additional decisional mechanism?

The AGIR organization has a simple structure that promotes consensus amongst its members. Participation within the organization is based on a voluntary approach that compliments the more traditional methods of collaboration. AGIR pour la Diable does not represent a new authority nor does it replace existing management or personnel, but seeks to create a milieu that promotes the development of a common vision amongst the various participants. The round table is organized in such a way as to encourage open discussion, thus resulting in a better understanding of everyone’s interests and ultimately leading to the emergence of new, active partners.


An alliance for the integrated management of the Devilís River watershed (AGIR pour la Diable) whose mission is to devise and to promote a long-term, sustainable development plan of water resource management within the Devilís River catch basin. AGIR pour la Diable is an independent, non-profit and incorporated legal entity. Itís organizational structure and its method of operations are inspired by the experience of over thirty similar Quebec-based watershed organizations.


The realization of AGIR pour la Diable is the product of a provisional committee that brought together, from September 2004 to April 2005, over thirty principal members of the municipal, business and community organizations of the Mont Tremblant region. The general consensus that arose from this committee was the defining of long term objectives, organizational structure and method of operations. AGIR pour la Diable was officially founded on the June 22, 2005, and on that same day had its first general assembly meeting which was held at the Mont Tremblant Congress Center. Please see the list of members of the provisional committee.


The principal mandate for AGIR can be summarized in the following three fields of activity:

1- To rally municipal, business and community players in the development and promotion of a master plan for water management for the Devilís River watershed;

2 - To contribute to the development, integration and dissemination of information regarding the watershed and the Riverís water resource;

3 - Inform, sensitize and consult with the population on issues of water resource management and its implications. †





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